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Galaxy Quotes – Guardians of the Galaxy Quotes

Galaxy Quotes

  • I had ever seen myself as a favorite; I wanted to be a galaxy.


  • We are pretty as a diamond in heaven.


  • Only in the darkness can you view the stars.


  • Live as if you will expire today.


  • When the rest of the stars sleep and the moon is traveling, I keep you from the cloudy way.


  • He assured me I was his life but I noticed galaxies in his eyes hearts and whats a life to a world.


  • Don’t give up, endlessly reach for the favorites.


  • Because in the end, we are simply visionaries in an unfathomable universe.


  • Star can’t glow without darkness.


  • Galaxy of stars, millions of diamonds, thousands of clusters, hundred of chocolates, nothing seems so beautiful than that one cute smile of yours.


  • Let your goals be tough than your concerns. your work is more powerful than your advice.

Galaxy Love Quotes –

Galaxy love quotes

  • You have me till every star in the galaxy dies. you have me.


  • Who are we? We see that we love off an irrelevant planet of a common star lost in a galaxy tucked away in some forgotten corner of a world in which there are more galaxies than anybody.


  • Every end has a new start.


  • There is always a shimmer of a star in the dark.


  • You were awarded this world because you are tough enough to survive it.


  • A galaxy is made of gas and dust and stars. billions in billions of stars. Every star may be an apollo to someone.


  • You have universes inside your energy. Stop people say you can not glow.

guardians of the galaxy quotes

  • Dark matter is required to keep galaxies together. Your brain is a galaxy. More dark than light. But the light makes it useful.


  • The stars in their galaxy can exceed your love in my soul.


  • Social media kills the value of loyalty, honesty, relations, and silence.

Galaxy Quest Quotes –

Galaxy Quest Quotes

  • You are my galaxy where darkness and star rest. You are my home where I can calmly rest.


  • There is a dominant driving force inside each & every human being that, already unleashed to make any illusion, hope, or want a reality.


  • You are an immeasurable girl. you should try to be more helpful to people.


  • The life of a star is encircled by the groups of galaxies; I am that galaxy.


  • I don’t understand what I need? But I must know something absent; I don’t understand what it is but I can sense it. I can actually feel it.


  • I live to make you laugh and there is nothing more I did moderately do!


  • Don’t restrict yourself to the heavens when there is a whole galaxy out there.


  • Success is not ultimate; defeat is not lethal; It is the strength to sustain that count.


  • If the plan disappoints you remember that you have 25 letters left.


  • “A single song solely can change waves diverge galaxies and exploded forth with rivers from heaven.”

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