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Bike Quotes –

Bike Quotes

  • Stay wild. Nevermore let them tame you.


  • No one kiss heaven better than a biker.


  • I don’t drive my bike to gain victories nor do I ride to get tourist stations. I ride to leave this world. I ride to get love with myself. I ride to feel independent and I ride to feel solid.


  • Never transmute the accelerator with your pride.


  • I ride a bike therefore I am comfortable, fortunate, and free of stress.


  • If you want to be comfortable for a day then drink. If you want to comfortable for a year then marry. If you want to be comfortable for a lifetime then ride the bike.


  • I look my fussiest when I take my helmet off after a prolonged bike ride. I have a flush and a bit of helmet hair.


  • Riding a bike is like a technique. something you do because of sense something within.


  • Riding is nothing but placing something interesting between the legs.


  • The difference between hobby and passion is, When you buy a new bike for a ride then it’s a hobby but when you keep your old bike for a ride running its passion.


  • It doesn’t matter what you drive. Give the honor to get admiration from others.


  • I requested God for a bike, but I know God doesn’t work that approach. So, I borrowed a bike and prayed for forgiveness.


  • Life is small, cut the rules, excuse immediately, love truly, laugh smooth, keep it plain, ride regularly, ride easy and never dislike anything that gives you a smile.


  • The brave doesn’t live ever… the careful don’t live at all.


  • Four wheels drive the body but two wheels drive the heart.


  • Somebody ask me how to destroy fear? I show him a cure by riding a bike on mountains.


  • If you think I’m ready now, wait until you view me on my bike.


  • The secret to success is a passion to dream.


  • Living without a bike is no life.


  • The most critical place on the planet is between a biker and his bike.


  • When life gets confusing, I favored riding a bike.


  • Life is little so, Clutch it and Cleave it fast.


  • If you not own any bike, you never realize the feeling of satisfaction.


  • Life may begin with 50km/hr but it doesn’t get fun till 500km/hr


Biker Quotes –

Biker Quotes

  • In the world there are two types of peoples one is a biker and the second is dull peoples.


  • When life forces you to curve, favor it!


  • Challenging roads usually lead to wonderful destinations.


  • Driving in a car is like seeing a film. Riding a bike is like starring in it.


  • If anyone says no to riding with you, unfriend them. You don’t need that negativity in your living.


  • Sometimes, you see yourself in the center of nowhere; and sometimes, in the center of nowhere, you see yourself.


  • Riding a bike on today’s roads, you have to travel in a very protective manner. You have to be a great rider and you have to have both handguards and both feet guard on the control at all times.


  • Every mile is my goal. Every defeat is my inspiration. I’m a rider and I love to ride.


  • Chase the rain, ride the breath, and follow the sunset. These things only bikers can experience.

Bike Ride Quotes –

Bike Ride Quotes

  • I am a biker. I love my bike. I’m a male and I’m a brother of my way. I love breath to calm and my admiration for all my street brothers and sisters.


  • We ride not to avoid living, but for growth to not leave us.


  • Life is not about expecting storms to pass. It’s about learning how to ride in the storm!


  • Bikers have three things in living that they can nevermore turn their reverse on, The bike, The family & Honor.


  • Live to travel. Travel to live.


  • Teach your kids the love of vehicles and they will never ask you money for addictions.


  • Live, smile, and respect. if these things never work in your living, then take a long journey by bike.


  • I did fairly be a rider for a minute. Then a spectator for a lifetime.


  • I’m a biker. I like to ride with me, party with me, making memories with me, support our lifestyle with me. But never underestimate my kindness for weakness.


  • Biker’s Lovestory around the bike and biker’s love is behind the bike.


  •  Everything looks good from the inside of a bike helmet.


Dirt Bike Quotes –

Dirt Bike Quotes

  • The most glorious comfort in life is doing what people tell you can’t do.


  • The only point you should always look back to is to guess how far you have reached.


  • You live more in 10 minutes on a dirt bike than most people do in a lifetime.


  • I may not be powerful. I may not be the most active but I will be hated myself If I’m not trying my hardest.


  • It doesn’t matter if it’s school, family trouble, or girl trouble. When I ride the anxiety goes off and it doesn’t come again.


  • The only time your mind in a genuine friendship is when you don’t have time to think – Bike Ride Time

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