50 Short & Funny Letter Board Quotes

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Funny Letter Board Quotes – Short Sweet & Simple 

  • This is a sign to take a deep breath.
  • If only I had examined myself – a guy who injured himself!

Funny Letter Board Quotes

  • Life’s Journey doesn’t begin with a manual. It starts with a mother.
  • I just want to cover the world overspend at the destination and take a coffee while holding puppies.

Letter Board Quotes

  • The fastest way for a mother to get the attention of children is to sit down and look relaxed.
  • I’m already tired tomorrow.

The fastest way for a mother to get the attention of children is to sit down and look relaxed.

  • I move on caffeine, dry shampoo, and Amazon Prime.
  • Chuck pillows are the stuffed mammals of adult women.


  • I am incapable to quit, as I am currently too legit.
  • Hate to see you go but love to watch you leave. Because of your back.


  • 99% of being married is just shouting “what?”  from another room in the house.
  • Alexa fold my laundry.


  • I’m starting to recall, I buy Bananas just to watch them die a slow death in my own home.
  • I was born to be wild, but only until 9 PM ore So.


  • If you can think of a bigger fish pun let minnow.
  • 365 days can’t stop eating, can’t fit in my shoes, couldn’t be happier.


  • A lifetime of canceled plans has prepared me for this.
  • Almost everything will run again if you unplugged it for some time. Also you.


  • It’s a vibrator, Ok?! Stay out of my Drawer!
  • Be focused. Inspired. Determined.


  • I don’t believe myself when I tell I will be ready in five minutes.
  • Wake up. Teach kids. Be awesome.


  • Make today – Tolerable
  • Whoever said, You snooze, You lose, was mistaken, when I snooze I win. We all win.


  • Relax we all are stupid. it’s not a contest.
  • “Goodbye doesn’t mean forever. If it did we ought to be saying Badbye.”


  • She is covered with leggings and oversized T-shirts and she NAPS without the worry of the future.
  • Not Yet… Not Yet… Not Yet… Eat me now It’s too late.


  • Alexa rakes the leaves.
  • Wine does not solve problems but neither will water.


  • Let’s eat grandma! Let’s eat grandma! Use commas, Save grandma!
  • How wonderful is it that we laugh because our bodies cannot contain the joy.


  • Life is short So, eat your cake first.
  • One day you are not old and the next day you have a favorite.


  • Why be unhappy when you can rock your gift.
  • Have a sparkling new year!


  • My dentist told me I need a crown. I was like I know, Right?
  • Why does food take 5 hours for cooking and 5 minutes for eating and always wash dishes for 7 days and 7 nights? oh…


  • I hate when I gain ten pounds for a role and then I realized I am not an actress.
  • Spring is almost here, I am so thrilled So, I wet my flowers!


  • I was going to throw in the towel but then I memorized how many clothes I already have.
  • Cleaning with kids in the house dislike brushing your teeth while eating chocolates.


  • Frankly autocorrect. I’m getting a bit tired of your shirt.
  • The grass is greener. Where you. Water it.


  • Cooking Dishes. We meet again you with dirty bastards.
  • Walking the halls and dreaming the next corners is Hogwarts.


  • At this point my blood type is PSL.
  • I don’t need an inspirational quote. I need coffee.


  • I only invite people over. So, my house gets cleaned.
  • I knew exactly what to do. But In a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do.


  • This is my year. Be aware.

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