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Knowledge is Power Quotes Saying –

Knowledge is Power Quotes

  • In each and every family and society education or knowledge is power, learning is analyzing and education is the basis of development.


  • If you distribute your known information then the power of yours will automatically be increased.


  • knowledge is power but the only experience this is life.


  • If gaining an education is power then interest within is the art of gaining.


  • The best tip I ever got was that knowing the information is to build power and to keep learning this till the end.


  • The secreting of knowledge or data may be an act of evil hidden as humility.


  • knowledge is not power; implementation is power.


  • knowledge is must needed to overcome the past, improve our own conditions, encounter new barriers, to make healthier judgments.


  • Every addition to the right information is an extension of social power.


  • knowledge is like a plot. If it is not developed it cannot be collected or harvested.

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  • knowledge is not power. information is the only potential. The right movement on that information is power.


  • Learning is the most dominant protection which you can apply to develop the career.


  • knowledge is a noble thing but how to use it is dynamism.


  • knowledge is power but recognition is an art to execute it.


  • knowledge is not power but utilized knowledge is unquestionably power.


  • knowledge is not power until it is implemented.


  • If you are not ready to acquire, No one can support you. If you are decided to acquire, no one can prevent you.


  • The more that you study, the more stuff you will understand. The more that you understand, the extra you will succeed.


  • knowledge is power only if a gentleman understands what truth not to disturb with.


  • Knowledge is the key to growth and sharing knowledge is the art of victory.

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  • If you are in light everyone follows you but you are in dark your own darkness will not chase you. Educate yourself and fill your soul with knowledge.


  • knowledge grows by sharing but not by keeping.


  • In early days knowledge is power but now money is power.


  • knowledge starts with education and your’s thoughts. If you don’t command your principles, you can not manage what you have done in your life.


  • When information and education is power, then reading is a superpower.


  • Teaching yourself does not mean that you were crazy in the first place; it means that you are smart enough to understand that there are many things left to study.


  • Knowledge is power but passion brings the switch.


  • Distributing knowledge is empowerment.

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  • We can not force to catch a word, they are no enthusiastic to succeed but we must never undervalue the power of sowing a seed.


  • knowledge is power. It is not utilized well to produce well things, let there be no qualms, it will exterminate you.


  • If knowledge is power then not only knowledge is necessary but an intelligent driver needs to run the power.


  • Your time is short, so don’t spend it living someone else life. Train yourself and applied in your life to grant peace and admiration.


  • Take a deep breath because over knowledge will destroy your spirit, breath, and you.


  • Knowledge is power, Understanding is using it, Intelligence is controlling it, Magic is recognizing how.

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