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Best Donald Trump Quotes about women – Racist & Kurt Cobain –

Donald Trump Quotes

  • It is very difficult for them to hit me on looks because I am so good looking.


  • Nobody has given much honor for intelligence than Donald Trump.


  • What divides winners from losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fortune.


  • Our country is in severe trouble. We don’t have achievements anymore. We used to have advantages. but we don’t have them. When was the last time anybody noticed us beating, let’s say china in a trade agreement? I hit China all the time.


  • Show me, someone, without pride, and I will show you a loser.


  • The quiet majority is behind and we are going to bring the country back.


  • Sometimes by losing a fight you discover a new way to win the battle.


  • Think big and long and wait to make it happen.


  • The value of me is that I’m very wealthy.


  • Our nation is being run by rough peoples.


  • I’m intelligent. Unusual people would say I’m very very very Intelligent.


  • The greatest little thing for businesspeople is a lifetime commitment to knowledge.


  • I like to think high. If you are moving to think anything you strength as well, Think Big.


  • I choose people based on their skills, confidence, and honors.


  • What I assume is what I say.


  • Every single American have the chance to realize his or her whole potential. The neglected men and women of our nation will be ignored no longer.


  • He is not a battle hero, He is a battle hero because he was arrested. I like people that weren’t arrested.


  • I have a spectacular relationship with blacks.

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Kurt Cobain Donald Trump Quote –

Kurt Cobain Donald Trump Quote

  • Aspiring to be someone else is a waste of who you are.


  • In the end, I think my age of people will shock each and everyone in the nation. We already know that both governmental parties are playing both sides from the center and we will elect a real outsider when we completely mature. I wouldn’t be shocked if it’s not a business tycoon who can not buy and who does what’s best for the people. Someone like Donald Trump as crazed as that sound.

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Donald Trump Quotes About Women –

Donald Trump Quotes About Women

  • I admire women. I need to help women. I’m dying to be able to do something for women that no other leader will be able to do.


  • By spending on women around the world, we are spending on families, We are investing in success, and we are investing in harmony.


  • I understand that courage is the strength to live one’s life-denying to be discouraged, and instead embracing a life of purpose.

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