100+ Special Wishes for Birthday

Here is a sweet happy birthday wishes for Father, Mother, Sister, Brother, Husband, Wife, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Friends, and Family to wish them all the best on their extraordinary day. Including short, simple, funny, belated, and sweet birthday quotes with images.

I hope your birthday receiver’s special day will produce lots of happiness, love, and fun. All things are delicious and brilliant. Here are hundreds of the most unique, modern wishes. New greetings, holiday wishes, birthday quotes, birthday status, and birthday messages for your loved ones.

Birthday Wishes For Best Friend –

Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

  • One best friend contains one million memories, one thousand inside laughs, one hundred experienced secrets, one-minute love for forever.


  • Happy birthday to my best friend, the one I worry about the lot!


  • Thank you for backing me and supporting me at every step in the mine life. Our friendship is a powerful bond between us. Thanks for adding the music in my love life. happy birthday, bestie!


  • Some say the glass is half empty, others say the glass is half-filled. It’s your birthday, Just take whatever’s in the drink.


  •  My best friend, Each year on your birthday, you get an opportunity to start new. Happy birthday.


  • Life is limited, like every moment, be fit forever, don’t lose your courage. Go always forward. Wishing you a beautiful happy birthday!


  • Birthday is nothing but pillars of any home which indicates what you have done in life. Your tomorrow is full of many more pillars. Maximum pillars will always show us how strong the home you build.


  • I wish you great health, love, and laugh for today, tomorrow, and whole life. Have a pleasant birthday!

Birthday Wishes For Dad –

Birthday Wishes For Father

  • Happy birthday, dad, You are still a rockstar in my eyes, heart, and life!


  • Every child’s hope is to have a brand and apprehending father. that’s why I am blessed to have you. I love you so much!


  • You are my mentor, motivation, and my best buddy. Happy birthday, father!


  • Dad, Thank you for all the tenderness and consideration. May God give you all the joy, desire, caring, and admiration in return. happy birthday!


  • I am dependable because dad you showed me to never give up. Happy birthday, dad!


  • You are the most influential star of my life, On your birthday today, I wish to appreciate you for all the things you have done for me in my life and every single laugh you have provided me. May God bless you and save you from all dangerous things. May God bless you with good health. happy birthday, Dad.


  • May God always grant a huge amount of love to you, Just like the way you have showered on us. Dearest Dad, wishing you a very happy birthday and a rocking time ahead.


  • Happy birthday, father, your supporting hand will remain on my shoulder always.


  • The most excellent gift you ever gave me was not the dolls I asked for, but the times on your knees and our walk in the playground. You have given me memories I will always appreciate. I wish you a birthday full of those little moments that will never disappear.


  • You are my role model, my mentor, you were forever there by my side in my tough times. I love you, Daddy.

Birthday Wishes For Mom –

Birthday Wishes For Mom

  • Happy birthday, mom, Thank you for your huge sacrifices and genuine love. I am always grateful.


  • Happy birthday, mom, You have ever been there for me no matter what earned me feel cherished and motivated me so much in life. I can’t show you how much I like all that you have made for me. You are absolutely a wonderful mother and a remarkable mom. Today I celebrate your birthday and that makes you so unique. Enjoy your birthday, you merit it.


  • You are the only woman that has continuously given me a shoulder to cry on, a joke to smile at, and a lot of advice! Now, I am old enough to give that to you! Happy birthday mom!


  • Mom, God send you energy and strength from heaven and I’m surely blessed to be your offspring! Happy birthday!


  • Dear mom, I want to tell you that I will never forget you love all my life until I live. I’m thankful for all the beautiful memories that you give me on the journey of my life.


  •  Happy birthday to a striking coach and my best friend in my life. May God bless you each year.


  • Wishing you an extraordinary day free from problems and the anxiety that you always have for us. Today is your day to be us. Love you from all of us. Happy birthday to my most beloved star in the world.


  • My mom was my first instructor, a professor of kindness, respect, and fearlessness. If love is gentle as a flower, then my mom is that delicious flower of love.


  • I get my mother’s praises and they have forever followed me. They have near to me all my life.


  • Mom, You make everyone’s world a wonderful place to be, just with your smirk. Happy birthday!


Birthday Wishes For Brother –

Birthday Wishes For Brother

  • For me, you are the most loyal brother in the whole wide universe. Happy birthday, brother!


  • Every single one of your wishes become real as you celebrate girded by all the people who love you.


  • We sometimes travel long without catching up with each other. I want you to identify how often I reminisce of you and how much I adore the times we do get to talk. I will forever love you and our future collectively.


  • You are not only my buddy, you are much more than that. You are my ideal personality in the world.


  • Happy birthday, big brother. May you granted nice thoughts, a strong body, and achievable visions. You will forever be my ideal love partner.


  • Wishing a very happy birthday to my most reliable friend and my role model. Have a glorious day, my dear more beloved brother!


  • On this extraordinary day, I request that God blesses you with all good kinds of stuff, with respect, with friends, and with pleasure. Thank you for constantly being there for me and furnishing me with your support and energy. Happy birthday, dear brother.


  • You are my first supporter and you are still my best buddy. I think of you each day, but particularly today. Happy birthday, bro!


  • My love for you grasps no bounds, my admiration for you is fairly enormous. You are my all-time best loving support and my most generous supporter. Every picture from the past years makes me happy that you are my bro. Happy birthday!


  • It’s the day when I revive you that I’m still younger than you and I forever will be! Happy birthday elder brother!

Birthday Wishes For Sister –

Birthday Wishes For Sister

  • Happy birthday sister, With each moving year, my prayer for you continues the same. To be encompassed by love, cheerfulness, good luck, and good energy. happy birthday.


  • You are a precious pearl for me and I forever appeal to the lord to furnish you a happy and blessed life. Happy birthday Sis!


  • My dear sister, on your happy birthday I did like to deliver you an interesting life, full of numerous feelings and happy wonders!


  •  My career is so much delightful with having you as my sister. May all the promises you make now come true.


  • Sister is unique, sister is a best friend, They smile at jokes that no other senses. Sister provides memories of laughs and tears in the journey of life.


  • Sis, you mean everything to me and even extra. I feel like one of the most successful personalities in life for being part of your life. happy birthday, Sister!


  • Happy birthday, sister, keep chasing your goals, and always confident in yourself.


  • Happy birthday, sis You are valuable in my life and adorable.


  • May your life be loaded with fresh moments, bright smiles, and joyful thoughts. May this day give you a new start in life.


  • May God fill your days with passion, laughter, money, and great luck. happy birthday dear sister.

Birthday Wishes For Husband –

Birthday Wishes For Husband

  • To my marvelous partner, who never discontinues to surprise me. Thank you for who you are and all that you do. I love you!


  • I’m a strong woman because I have a hubby like you. Happy birthday my love.


  • You are the one I like yesterday, today, and forever. Happy Birthday, Hubby.


  • Happy birthday to the excellent husband on this planet. Thanks because you continuously surprise me with your honesty to me. Happy birthday.


  • You redefined the entire definition of friendship when we met. I still wonder how you effortlessly stay incredible at our wedding.


  • It’s a very extraordinary day because it’s the birthday of my heart. Without you, I couldn’t picturise my life.


  • When you are wedded to the best man on the planet. There nothing more in the world that you could ask for. Happy birthday my husband.


  • My life’s greatest achievement is that I perceive to be with a remarkable man like you every day. I love you.


  • Life may be hard but with you, it’s one outstanding journey! Happy birthday!


  • My day doesn’t begin without noticing you and my night doesn’t finish without being with you. Happy birthday my graceful husband.

Birthday Wishes For Wife –

Birthday Wishes For Wife

  • Happy birthday to the partner who seized my heart, for the lady who teaches me what is love, for the women who have provided me the confidence to stay and sustain in a tough life.


  • Your life is such a valuable gift to me. I’m so pleased to rejoice another year with you. May your time be overflowed with all the comfort, pleasure, and embrace your soul can probably hold!


  • I will walk with you till my last breath which is my first rule as well as responsibility, my lovely wife.


  • Happy birthday to my beautiful, most pretty, and wonderful wife. I love you.


  • It doesn’t matter what life keeps on my way, I wanna drive with you endlessly… happy birthday dear.


  • Our marriage has transferred into a pleasant relationship and with each year that moves, I fall deeper in love with you, my dear. Today, as we honor your birthday together, I wish for you a day of rest, along with confidence for the year ahead.


  • More than a partner I found a buddy in you for my life journey.


  • You are a pleasing mom, a loyal wife, and a fabulous human being. Happy birthday.


  • Happy birthday to the lady who endeavors every day to keep us eternally together and fulfill our souls with admiration, comfort, and peace.


  • No flowers relate to you. Your love fills my life with a sweet smell and I am getting excited. May your day be happy and pretty just like you.

Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend –

Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

  • I seek a lot but the only words which suit you are that “you are the biggest thing that has ever issued to me” Happy birthday, my love”


  • Happy birthday to the Passion of my life.


  • Not only for you but also for me it is truly an extraordinary day because on this holiday the somebody who made my days happy come on this planet. Happy birthday, sweetheart.


  • You are the reason I laugh and why our love increases across the miles. may you have the most blissful birthday ever!


  • You are the reason I’m smiling and admiring the journey of my life.


  • I don’t have the terms to explain to you what I think for you. Viewing and admiring you is the greatest thing that ever appeared in my career. Happy birthday!


  • Loving life with you is really being for me itself. You are totally unique to me. I love you so much!


  • All your thoughts collectively will never be carried away, no matter how old we understand and how many birthdays move by, I will always be here for you. Happy birthday, dear.


  • May this day be as moon as attractive and smiley, and as pretty as you are. you brighten every day, but on this day you will glow the brightest. happy bday my love.


  • Every time when I see your eyes, I slip in love with you all over repeatedly. I am exhilarating to wish my queen a pretty happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend –

Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend

  • You are attractive, intelligent, clever, hot, and especially sweet. May you have a birthday that is as wonderful as you are. Happy birthday, love!


  • The time has eventually come for me to furnish all my best birthday wishes to Mr. lover, my generous sweetheart, right here. Happy birthday you friendly nice person. My sugary and lusty kisses coming on your way!


  •  You are the ideal man in my life. Happy birthday! I love you a lot!


  • All I want for you is to be satisfied. I hope that you achieve all your heart wishes. stay strong and excellent!


  • On this day, may you receive whatever you want for? I believe you become successful in everything you go. Wish you a very very happy birthday darling!


  • Dear boyfriend, you have a very extraordinary place in my heart. you are the only person that I admired so honestly and violently. Without you, my world would be meaningless and insignificant. I love you for embracing me just the style I wanted to be adored.


  • Life has grown very exceptional since you began my world. I love you so much.


  • Every time I shut my eyes, I sense you near to me. Wishing you were here to back me. I’m giving my most loving birthday wishes to you. Happy birthday my love.


  • I love you till my last breath from the endpoint of the world and back!


  • Happy birthday to the most loving, generous, and captivating human being in my life. Happy birthday!

Birthday Wishes For Lover –

Birthday Wishes For Lover

  • Two souls together, always and forever. Happy birthday my love.


  • Every day with you is unique, but now is extra unique because it’s your birthday, my beloved with all my desire and embraces, just for you, Happy birthday once again!


  • Happy birthday to the only soul that’s able to admit my faults. I love you!


  • I desired to give you all my enjoyment on your birthday, but there’s no carton sufficient to handle it. Beyond. it’s already yours.


  • You don’t have to bother about my commitment to you. I will voluntarily get hurt than to0 view you in tears. Happy birthday, the passion of my life.


  •  You are such an amazing girl, loving, caring, and genus. I want to provide you the best of everything. Let me start by showing my love for you. Happy Birthday!


  • No one can take your spot in my soul whether you like me or not, love with me or not. Thank you for all the gorgeous thoughts.


  • To the world, you may be the one girl but to me, you are the world.

Romantic Birthday Wishes –

Romantic Birthday Wishes

  • When I’m not beside you, I simply shut my eyes and in a second I can sense you beside me. Our love can move any distance.


  • I’m so happy that you arrived in my life. I’m even happier that you came into my life. Happy birthday!


  • You are a real man, the flavoring that does my life delicious. I couldn’t have asked for a better lover. Happy birthday, dear.


  • You are the reason I laugh and why our emotions rise beyond the miles. may you have the most delightful birthday ever.


  • The time has surely come for me to deliver all my most salutary birthday wishes to Mr. partner right here! Happy birthday, Hugs and smooches come your way.


  • I may not be actually being here to stand by you while you cut your cake., but you will be in my dreams today! Happy birthday.


  • Here is an unusual birthday wish for an exceptional one which has a distinctive place in my extraordinary heart. Happy birthday, special!


  • Happy birthday, my love, I’m so exhilarated that we have contributed time together.


  • Love is elegant, Love is gentle, Love is naturing, Love is pure, Love is you, my darling. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Daughter –

Birthday Wishes for Daughter

  • Daughter watching you build-up has been many circumstances, glad, impactful, and even stressful, Above all though, It has been the most essential part of my life.


  • Happy birthday to our favorite little princess! May your birthday be amazing and full of wonderments.


  • I watched you build into a marvelous woman you are now. And with every passing year, You continue to bloom even more. I believe your extraordinary day brings you all the serenity you justify in life.


  • May your day be as sunny as your laugh and as pretty as you. happy birthday my daughter.


  • Happy birthday my daughter. you are my self-love, my weakness, and my everything.


  • My precious daughter, we cherished today, tomorrow, and always.


  • Sending lots of appreciation and joy your way to help celebrate this very distinctive day. I love you with all my soul and forever will. Have a fabulous birthday, darling.


  • Here’s a wish for comfort and many visions become genuine. not only on your unusual day but perpetually all life in.


  • You grant us a million ideas to laugh every day. Happy birthday to you, our gorgeous daughter!


  • The most cherished concepts and the most sparkling moments of my life turns around the laugh and smile of just one soul – my daughter.

Birthday Wishes for Son –

Birthday Wishes for Son

  • Happy birthday my son, Satisfied to have you as a son. You mean the entire universe to me. I wish you a bright birthday and a healthier future.


  • My dear son, granting birthday wishes your direction on this incredibly significant day, along with a confident year ahead!


  • Having you in my life is the mystery of my boundless delight. Happy birthday dear son.


  • Son, I appeal that you will become the most prosperous and most fortunate person in life. God bless you!


  • You are my treasure and pleasure a man after my own heart. Happy birthday, son!


  • you are the most gorgeous thing that ever appears in my life. For that, I thank god for providing me an incredible child. Happy birthday to you, my son!


  • Only a few fathers and mothers are furnished to be blessed with a talented son like you. Happy birthday to the earth’s best son.


  • Son, always identifies that you are more brilliant than you assume, more powerful than you show, more intelligent than you imagine, and loved more than you understand. Happy birthday dear son!


  • Dear son, I was forever your guide in this life. It’s your opportunity now to be mine. Happy birthday my little man.


  • Son, may each & every vision and hope you have come true. Also, start to an amazing for you.

Birthday Wishes for Female –

Birthday Wishes for Female

  • May you have all the pleasure your soul can hold, all the grins a day can bring, all the graces life can release, may you get the planet’s best in everything.


  • Beautiful female, today is your’s birthday! I wish you a peaceful and enjoyable holiday with lots of glorious gifts. Enjoy!


  • More than my partner, In you I have set up a colleague for living. happy birthday dear.


  • Goals seen with hearts closed can be ignored. True visions are those that occur when the heart is fully open and the mind is ready to follow them. happy birthday with a day chock-full of fantasies!


  • Sweet girl, you are especially different from the whole world. Feel beautiful with you every day, happy birthday to my best friend!


  • I inspire you to brighten up your life even after you blow the candles away.


  • Happy birthday to one of my beloved women on the planet.


  • Your mercy, elegance, and strength inspire me every day. My lovely friend. happy birthday!


  • I know my mother’s prayer and they have infinitely supported me. They have along to me all my life.


  • Beautiful girl. I love you with every piece of my heart. happy birthday!

Advance Birthday Wishes –

Advance Birthday Wishes

  • Happy birthday sweetie in advance! This may be in progress, but I understand it doesn’t actually matter when, where, or how I say it. As long as I tell it to you.


  • Sending birthday wishes earlier is sufficient to show how much I love you and how extraordinary you are for me. Live long and stay healthy.


  • This year I’m throwing your birthday wishes before of time! Happy birthday to you in advance of your special day!


  • Other’s may be always on time to greet you a happy birthday. but for me on time is not an option. I’m always ahead of others when it comes to your birthday. Advance happy birthday.


  • My genuine wishes and blessings are coming your way. On the amazing moment of your birthday, I will pray that you get more than you have wished for this birthday. Happy birthday in advance!


  • Happy birthday in advance, May all your goals and dreams are met in advance.


  • People normally say that time is running out. I don’t understand that. but just in case it’s right. I won’t risk it. Here is an early birthday note from me to you. Advance happy birthday.


  • Better early than late, particularly when it comes to wishing my best friend. Happy birthday!


  • I want to be the initial one to welcome you on your extraordinary day. that’s why I’m posting advance birthday wishes to my most superb partner.


  • We have been so uncomfortable for years now that one birthday card for your birthday is not enough. Advance happy birthday buddy.

Beautiful Birthday Wishes –

Beautiful Birthday Wishes

  • Life is short, Start on as many ventures as you need as long as you can.


  • Happy times, Happy feelings, happy thoughts, Happy hearts, Happy birthday!


  • It’s always entertainment to wish you happy birthday to someone so generous.


  • You are a lovely person inside and outside. I hope that you identify that, today and always.


  • Wishing you a very happy birthday. may you have many more extra years of peace and victory ahead.


  • Sending beautiful flowers and extraordinary wishes for you to have the most gorgeous day! Enjoy your holiday!


  • Happy birthday! I hope you have a superb day and be comforted to eat an extra slice of cake for me!


  • It’s your birthday and you still just as nice, honest, and helpful as the day I engage you. wishing you a happy birthday with love and respect.


  • Wishing the most joyful birthday to a female who just looks to become more and more attractive and charming with each crossing year.


  • I am absolutely blessed for having someone like you in my world. Thanks for everything. happy birthday.

Religious Birthday Wishes –

Religious Birthday Wishes

  • I appeal to God that he makes assured that there is never a lack of admiration and consideration in your life. May this birthday become the most unforgettable day of your life. Happy birthday!


  • God walks with you each day. Supervising you and helping you. All you have to achieve is to open your soul and let him in! May this birthday brings you more grace from god.


  • May the God Lord Jesus blow his light on you as he showers you with grace and love to take you during the year.


  • May God fill your day with unlimited felicitous moments and innumerable enjoyment! Happy birthday!


  • I thank God that he’s ever them to help you, In everything you make and believes in doing. Ask for his help and leadership. Enjoy your birthday.


  • May God always give you the most favorite things in life like strength, respect, happiness, love, and success. Happy birthday.


  • May the beauty of lighten up your career and you sense the admiration and kindness of God. On this unique day of your’s be fortunate and stay blissful!


  • On this extraordinary day of your life, I request to God that you may get happiness in each circumstance in life. May there ever be a motivation to laugh in every consequence of your life!


  • Give and you will receive more, Love and you will be embraced more, Help and you will be encouraged more, Pray and you will be entreated more, May God be with you now and forever. Happy birthday!


  • God has created various wonderful inventions in the world and I thank him for granting one of them to my house. Happy birthday.


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